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Folded Towels

Does leaving clothes out for delivery seem strange?

It's not! But we hear it all the time. So we came up with some tips.


Keep it Simple & Consistent

Miscommunication happens when things get complicated. Our drivers are full time employees that stick to their routes daily. Just like your mailman and UPS driver, our drivers get in a rhythm after they get to know your pickups and deliveries.

Instead of changing i up weekly, you'll find better, more consistent results if you keep your designated laundry location the same from order to order. 

Instead of:

"On Tuesday deliveries drop off my cloths with my neighbor at 1234 Fake Street but on Thursdays deliver to my front door because my neighbor leaves early for yoga class. If your picking up after 11am you can pickup my laundry from the leasing office, if they're not out at lunch."


"I'll be leaving my clothes for pickup and delivery at the back door. Enter through the side gate and you'll see the covered back door just up the stairs."


Choose a Hidden Spot

If you're worried about your clothes, you're only human. We care about your clothes as much as you. And, we would hate to see anything happen to them.

Unfortunately, porch theft is a thing. And, while we have never had a stolen laundry order, you may want to make an effort to be a little discrete with your designated pickup and delivery notes.

Instead of:

"Left the laundry bags at the front door."


"Laundry bags are just to the left of the front door behind the blue porch chairs."


Leave a Note

Like, a real note! While we always keep your pickup and delivery notes as updated as possible in our system, a hand written note helps our drivers find where your laundry is.

A simple post-it note on the front door explaining where you moved your laundry to can prevent a driver from thinking you forgot to leave your clothes out and moving on with the route.

Instead of:

Leaving it up to chance or hoping our driver is good at hide and seek.


Leaving a note at the front door when you leave the house.

The note can say: "Hi, love the laundry service! I moved the bags to the back door this time. Please use my gate code on file to get access to the backyard."


Giving the porch a quick sweep when you set your laundry bag out.


Keep it Clean!

Keeping your laundry pickup and delivery spot clean might not matter much when we are picking up, but it DEFINETLY matters when we're delivering your clean laundry.

By sweeping or cleaning your designated laundry delivery location, you're helping us make sure that we deliver your laundry as clean as possible. 

Instead of:

Keeping your clean laundry in a pile of dir.

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